About Mary Durante Youtt

I am looking to portray longings, desires in people through far away looks, caught deep in thought. Remembering good times as well as bad. Each picture should be able to stand alone and to have a bigger emotional impact when hung as a series in an exhibition. Human emotions personified as evident in the image of the young girl. Nudity is not essential, although it does convey the feel of standing naked for all to see, wearing only your emotions - heart and soul.
We all harbor these feelings which is what I am trying to elicit - that connection to each other.

Photography is my passion, I want you, the viewer to come into my world. My images will connect to you and touch each of you differently and they will have you walk away with your own version of the story I started…

I try to capture the feel, the essence - the very being of my subject, whether it's a portrait of a child, a friend or a stranger. In my cityscapes, I want you to hear the footsteps on a quiet street or to look closely at the ordinary moments that we all tend to rush past without stopping to notice. This is how I look at life, at the intimate details that sometimes go unnoticed: the bright smile of a child, the hardships that some people have witnessed, the sheer joy of a dancer or the beauty of nature when you take a closer look. This is what I want to share and that is why I will continue on my path.

My images reflect me (not technically perfect) but always showing signs of my passion and sense of beauty.

I seek models who can emote; bringing a deeper sense of who they are to the shoot and who enjoy the process of creating great images as much as I do.

I am looking to work with both new models (TFP) as well as experienced models. I am looking to build my body of work titled "Inner Sanctum"